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Is it possible to password-protect specific pages in a site?

  1. We would like to create a page or pages on our site that are for "members only." Only "members" would be able to read content on these pages. If a non-member clicked on the link to one of these pages, they would be prompted to log in. The current set of user roles in does not seem to have anything along these lines.

    Can this be done in Can it be done in full wordpress?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Id you are referring to static pages you can make them private and exclude the display from the Pages widget. Then you can give the static Page URL only to those who your wish to share it with.

    Exclude – If you would like to keep certain pages from being listed in the widget, you can enter the Page IDs (separated by commas). To find the Page ID, go to Pages->Edit and hover over the title of the page. The status bar of your browser will display a URL with a numeric ID at the end. This is the page ID.

    If you are actually asking about Posts as opposed to Pages then password protection can be used. The Visibility area of the Publish module is used to set who can read the post. See >

    See also >

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