Is it possible to purchase the upgrade bundle for five years at once?

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    I am considering using for an academic e-journal for which I am web master. However, we are a non-profit organisation and are applying for a grant, which could cover the cost to upgrade to pro (having pro is the only way I would utilise

    My question, then, is if it is possible to purchase the upgrade bundle for five years in one order? Given our funding situation (and the transition of one webmaster to another as each will have a two-year term), purchasing multiple years with the funding is our best option.

    Before one interjects, will not suit my needs. I cannot guarantee the web-awareness and time dedication of future web masters. is much simpler and WP handles the hosting issues.

    I’d really love to use WP and hope this is a possibility.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Even if this were possible, I wouldn’t advise it. There is no guarantee that will even exist in its present form in five years time, and if your future webmasters do not have the time or inclination to deal with an .org install they are unlikely to fare much better with this site, as it does tend to get fiddled with more than the standalone software and, unlike with .org, they will get no prior warning of or control over changes or updates.



    I appreciate your frank and honest answer; however, I am apt to disagree. I can go buy web hosting from myriad sources and secure a contract beyond one year (even from sources where CMS is integrated into the hosting, e.g. Media Temple’s Virb). Any of these places could go bankrupt and then I am left to transfer my site, etc., alone. Despite WP’s changes, I’m far more concerned with the ‘what-ifs’ than them having to deal with an automatic update.

    I do run sites for other groups (and my own personal one) and here are my main concerns with .org:

    1) Web hosting and security: Using .org means it is my web host and my responsibility to ensure the site remains secure. Given our limited funds (again, we’re non-profit and all members are volunteers), it is unlikely to have the ability to purchase hosting in which all security measures are automatically updated. What happens if a crucial update comes out whilst the web master is unavailable?

    2) ‘Breaking’ the site: if the webmaster updates the site in whatever way and manages to bring it down, the web master will have to have the coding expertise to fix it. Moreover, a poorly done update may force the web host to shut down the site until the situation is fixed.

    3) Hacking: If the site were to be hacked, a web host may not provide the support to get it back up and running.

    4) CPU usage: If the site gets bombarded (with spiders or people), web hosts may shut down the site. Again, if the web master is unavailable–what would happen?

    I believe a CMS with integrated web hosting is our best bet. The less updating the team has to do in regards to SECURITY, the better. We are currently using the Blogger platform, which is simple and intuitive, but far too limiting for our future needs.

    But of course, my current concern is our possible future funding, which would be in a lump sum, and I’d prefer buying multiple years if possible.



    You used to be able to renew for more than one year – but for some reason the Manual Renew was removed maybe 6 to 9 months ago – no reason given – maybe if enough people ask for a manual renew to get away from the failures that sometimes happen when emails get lost or credit cards changed – I would like the ability to renew the mapping more than one year out – you are correct the cost of registration and domain mapping for several years is less than one year’s cost at a typical host



    Aux, that is my exact concern: with different webmasters, the email and payment information would change fairly frequently over five years. It’s not just about what I can do–it’s about ensuring posterity for the journal.

    If someone from the WordPress team could answer this, I’d be most grateful.



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    We currently do not have a way to provide bulk renewals, but we probably will by the time your next renewal is due.



    @macmanx – this has been sort of “in the works and coming soon” for some time – I would encourage WordPress.COM to add back the ability to manually renew an upgrade – that would help fix some of the lapsed upgrades problem – there have also been a few people that were traveling for extended periods of time and wanted to renew so the upgrade did not expire while they were traveling



    It will definitely be done. It’s part of the ongoing Store overhaul.

    For the record, you can currently manually renew any upgrade up to a month prior to expiration.

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