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Is it possible to re-send a blog post to email subscribers?

  1. handsonnashville

    Hi bloggers,

    I experimented this morning with adding a new post using the "new post" option at the top of our blog rather than through our dashboard. I copied and pasted some text into the editor box, and without hitting "publish" the post published. A very un-edited version of the blog post was then sent to all our email subscribers. Now that I've had the change to edit the post, add photos, etc, is there any way to re-send the updated post out to our email subscribers? Or would I have to create an entirely new post? Thanks for your help!! (We're new at this blogging this...)


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This just happened to me too - 15 versions of in-progress post went out to email subscribers as I was writing it.

  3. oops sorry I guess I should not have posted unless I had a helpful answer! Sorry!

  4. handsonnashville

    well, it makes me feel better knowing that i didn't do something wrong and that it's happened to other people, too! so in my mind, it's helpful :)

  5. @handsonnashville
    Vounteers on this support forum cannot help with this issue. Please report your issue directly to Staff.

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