is it possible to reduce the size of a button image by altering code

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    I have the code for a png button in my sidebar that I would like to be smaller. You can see the size it is now by clicking on my username (look for the blue flower). I would like to make it half that size. Can you help me achieve that please? I have posted the code between square brackets below. Using backtics simply meant part of the code did not display here on this post.

    [a href=’’><img src=’’ border=’0′></a]



    yes, it is possible to reduce[/enlarge] the size of a an image by altering code in the following way:

    <a href=''><img src='' border='0' height="80" width="55"></a>

    you may also try to use a percentage attribute values such as: height="50%" width="50%" instead of number of pixels of the screen (paper).

    see also:


    All I did was copy and paste the code you gave me into a text widget and VOILA! It’s now the size I wanted it to be. Thank you very much.



    you’re welcome; glad it was helpful :-)

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