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Is it possible to release URL it for me?

  1. I would like to change the URL of my blog, but this blog with the URL I would like this inactive. Is it possible to release it for me?
    Blog url:

  2. does not take blogs, inactive or otherwise away from people and give them to someone else.

    You can try leaving a comment on the site and ask the existing owner if they will transfer it to you. If they will, this is the procedure they will use:

  3. If the person who owns the blog cannot be reached and/or will not trnafer it to you there is another option. You can purchase your own domain name via a domain mapping upgrade and then what the underlying sub-domain URL is will not matter.

  4. Try blogger ... From blogger's web site:

    Remember that if you change your blog's URL, you release the old URL for other bloggers to use.

    Too bad WP is so confused on the issue of dropping old / completely unused / never used blog names.

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