Is it possible to set up a Paypal account on my WordPress blog?

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    I was wondering if there was anyway to make my blog be like website where people need to pay for things, such as access into other aspects of the blog. If so, can I set up a Paypal account on it?


    You can use paypal on your blog, but using it for access to different aspects of your blog – that’s a question I’ve not seen before. Staff would likely need to address it.

    We can’t use for commercial use, or use ads, etc., know that much.


    Well since I have to say something to see if my profile can be viewed I will say this… If you go to and get a site it’s the same thing, I hear, except you have to buy your own domain name.. and then you can have ads..



    agree with ^^^



    There is a FAQ on this and related subjects at

    You cannot charge for page views and the like



    There are also several threads on adding Paypal for donations only. Here is one.

    Search for paypal or donations for more in the forums

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