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Is it possible to set up a widget, which shows off all the photos I uploaded?

  1. I want a widget which shows all... I mean all the photos I uploaded to my wordpress blog including every new photos? It would be enough if it shows one photo of all my photos randomly per page view or reload.

    Is there a way to set this up?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. theinsanityaquarium

    Hi diaryofdennis, there is a Gallery widget which I suspect will do this job for you- please can you try it out and see?

    I'd double-check for you but my computer is utterly terrible and won't let me open another tab to jiggle my widgets about, experimentally :)

  3. Ok thank you very much for the hint. I will check that out now :)

  4. Ok you are right. It´s not bad and exactly what I want but... I wish I could limit the amount of pictures shows. For example 4 random square photos in the gallery. Anyway thanks for the help.

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