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Is it possible to undo a reblog?

  1. It is possible to undo a reblog?

    I wanted to reblog only a section of a post, and then add my own comments to it - clearly marked of course, but I found the reblog copied the whole post over which I did not want (and didn't know it would do)

    I've added my own thoughts and comments, but I can not see any way to delete the original reblog linkage.

    Is it possible to undo a reblog or do I simply have to delete that post and start over and link to the original in the more traditional manner?


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  3. Reason for Posting: Need help/advice
    Blog: Could be anyone's blog - but it is a blog in this case
    Blog post: not yet published hence no link

  4. I would delete the reblog and simply create a bew post from scratch. In it I would include a brief relevant quote or two, properly attributed and backlinked to the original source, as well as, my own take on the topic.

  5. thanks timetheif - I shall do that.
    I was hoping that there would be an easy way to undo a reblog though.

  6. I'm not aware of any undo feature for reblogs, sorry.

  7. oh well.

    thanks again

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