is it possible to upload a “.doc”??

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    Is it possible to upload a .doc as an image in a post, rather than it coming up as a click-able link?? Even so, the click-able link opens up a blank web page rather than the .doc document.


    you can save the .doc as an image and then upload it to become an image file.

    I did one recently as a .png; it’s an extreme example, but here is the link to the post:


    thanks for the reply =)
    does that require software?? I’m using Microsoft 2000 and I don’t see .PNG as a choice. I searched google for conversion software and so far the ones i’ve found cost $$. any suggestions??



    You can take a screenshot of the document and paste it into an editing program:

    Try Infranview; it’s free:


    you can use paint as well; I used Microsoft Publisher I think for that one.



    Thanks for the link =)
    I downloaded Irfanview, and saved the screen shot as a .PNG. When I import the file into my post, it appears as a box with a little red “x” in the top left corner. Is there a way to change that??

    Thanks a lot for your help!!



    Just for clarification… cazaperuze and determinedtolose are the same person (me)working on a blog. I’m in the transition of deleting one of my accounts…sorry for any confusion. I’ll be replying using cazaperuze from here on in =)

    As well, I just tried posting it as a .JPG and the same little red “x” appeared.



    I just read the post about Amazon’s S3 glitch… I’m guessing that’s the problem.



    I copied and pasted 2 charts from Word to Irfanview and the 1st one turned out fine but the 2nd one appeared on my blog with a blue border! Is there any way to remove that?



    For Screenshots I recommend the free FastStone Capture



    read other posts n found the solution :)

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