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Is it possible to upload additional Media types?

  1. I'd like to know if there is a way of uploading unsupported media file types (.HDR, .3DM, .OBJ) to a site hosted on WordPress. I want to share several 3D file formats. If I upgrade to a purchased domain name, is it possible to upload any file type and then post a link to it in my blog?
    Blog url:

  2. Let's start with the fact that purchasing a domain name via a domain mapping upgrade chnages nothing but the URL. See > and

    These are the accepted file types >
    See also >

  3. Thanks for the help TF. I had read through the accepted file types but was hoping that upgrading would provide more traditional server access for hosting any file format. I suppose hosting off of WordPress is the best option.

  4. You can store the files off site and have a link to them - maybe Drop Box would work - but don't use a site that is know for copyright infringement (MegaUploads had a bad rep) as being on sites that host stolen files gets you unwanted attention even if they are your own files

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