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Is it possible to use URL?

  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to get a URL looking like, etc. - instead of You won't believe, but in some cases it's preferrable.

    Please note the https:// part - it's important.


  2. You can't do that at WordPress.COM

    If you get a WordPress.ORG install on your own host you can do that address format with https.

  3. auxclass, thanks for quick answer.

    No doubt, everything is possible on your own platform. :-)

    But the motivation of my question was this: if you're behind some internet censorship service like the Great Firewall of China and you're opening such URL via HTTPS, then all that the firewall can detect is that you are addressing - without more precise details such as specific blog name.

    Pity that doesn't support this. Do you possibly know some blogging platform that does?

  4. You can register any http://NAME_OF_BLOG> and then enable https://

    “The latest trick, carried out by activists at Great Firewall monitoring site, is to upload mirrored copies of blocked sites to cloud hosting services, challenging the Great Firewall operators to block major brands like Amazon and Google cloud hosting, or allow freer access to banned material. “

    As a workaround some have been using a VPN or proxy to access blogs. The following links provide some options:
    Some users have had luck simply by using Opera Turbo.

  5. oops! I meant to post

  6. Unfortunately, usage of HTTPS still doesn't obfuscate the site hostname due to SNI extension in modern browsers.

    Worth trying, anyway. Thanks, timethief. :-)

  7. Oh well ... I tried.

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