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Is It Possible To Use Not So Fresh With Sandbox?

  1. I'm not an expert with this whole Sandbox thing, but I do have some experience with CSS. I found this great theme that I'd love to use with WP. It's a modified version of our own Freshy theme. Is it possible?


  2. perhaps, provided you'll get it ported as a Sandbox style.

  3. Options,

    Can you explain further what needs to be done?


  4. It might be easier to use Freshy itself as the base, since we now have an option to use any theme structure without loading the original stylesheet. Grab the style.css from the theme you want, upload any images and change the URLs in the stylesheet to their new locations, then paste it into the custom CSS box and see what happens.

  5. Wank,

    I tried that already, too. It didn't look so hot.

    The vast plethora of available themes for self-hosted really makes me want to take the plunge. ;)

  6. I would say that if you're techy enough to be comfortable with CSS, self-hosting isn't that big a jump. I sometimes wonder why anyone buys the custom CSS upgrade. You need to actively enjoy fiddling with stylesheets to get your money's worth, and most of those people have their own hosting anyway.

  7. Wank,

    I've actually already played around enough with a self-hosted installation of WP that the switch would be pretty painless. Considering that I've paid for the domain redirect ($10) and the CSS upgrade ($15), self-hosting really doesn't seem that expensive at $5/month.

    The only draw-back is that I'd lose traffic from WP tag pages, which seems to make up a considerable amount of my stats - especially when I make the front page.

  8. if you've already bought the domain through, you don't have to give up the traffic from tag pages. as long as you retain your blog as well as your self-hosted blog, you can post the same thing in both interfaces, and your entry will show up in global tags, but the domain upgrade will redirect traffic to your self-hosted blog.

    in theory, the "canonical URL's" feature of WP2.3 should handle variations in permalink structure, but you might need the permalink redirect plugin. here's how i did it, YMMV

    Caveat: you'll never make the front page, since any stats will land on your self-hosted blog, rather than

  9. @sunburntkamel
    Ahem ... *lol* oops! you accidentally posted a borked link .. :D

  10. fixed, thanks :)

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