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Is it really possible to connect Klout with self-hosted WP blogs via Jetpack?

  1. Specifically it's

    When you attempt to connect Klout, they need to check the check the access logs for at that time to find out why it's returning a 404 (not found).

  2. I meant what is the URL that the request is coming from (I think that's what they were asking me, so that they could check whether it's not blocked). I also pointed them to this thread here and gave them the screenshots I gave you as well. They are working on the issue.

    It's now 3:20AM here, so I will continue tomorrow :)

    Again, thank you for being so helpful!

  3. Update:
    My hosting provider said that the requests were identified by the system as "false positives" - they have now added an exception to their rules,.

    However, I'm getting a new error :)

    The screenshot includes the URL, since this time it's not, but rather my blog's URL.

    What would you advise I do?

  4. That is one long URL...

    Do you think the URL could give you more clarity? I am not sure whether I should post it here, however.

  5. Curious info.

    My Blogs, as they appear on
    Notice how it says "My 17 posts" - the posts are actually 272...

    When I click on "My 17 posts" in order to go to the posts, the following happens:
    SSL Error 107 (and URL is at my blog).

    Ideas what this could be, or where I need to take this issue?

  6. More info:
    All of the links under my blog (Dashboard, New post, Drafts, My 17 posts, Stats) link to my blog via https (SSL) - and I do not have an SSL certificate.

    The buttons, however (272 Posts, 87 Comments) link without https - just

    So, could this be the problem with Klout as well? Do I need to install an SSL certificate?

  7. No, SSL shouldn't be a problem, but you may need to reconnect Jetpack.

    To do that, deactivate and delete the Jetpack plugin, then reinstall, reactivate, and reconnect it.

  8. I'm back just to report, that Klout have told me it may be an issue on their part.

    I'm sharing this in case someone else has the issue and is trying to locate a solution in this thread - no solution for me as of yet.

    As soon as I figure it out, I will come back here and post the end result.

  9. Thanks for keeping us posted, we appreciate it.

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