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Is it safe to give a temporary password for my blog to an online book publisher?

  1. I am making an online blog book and having difficulty uploading the blog into the software programme. Is it safe to give the software company a temporary password to my blog for them to solve the problem?

  2. Most probably not.

    What format do they want the blog in? What is the ebook company? We can probably work out the issue on this end without you handing out your password to people you don't know.

  3. BTW I answered your related question here >
    No way! Why would any editor need backend access to your blog?

  4. ebook company is Blurb.
    I start the procedure for uploading the blog. I select the blog that I wish to make into a book. It is supposed to pick up all the Posts and Pages. Nothing happens.

  5. Blurb is reputable. I've used it for a client.

    Before we go farther, please give us the URL for your blog. The one attached to your name is not a WordPress.COM blog and we cannot help you with that.

  6. Thanks timethief. Fantastic service - so quick. I'm not brilliant at this online stuff, so I probably should have been more specific with the original question. I must say I don't feel comfortable at the thought of giving my password away. Should I contact WordPress Help.

  7. Give US the URL of the blog first. Then we can probably help.

  8. I don't know what you mean by URL - sorry I'm so dense. Can you give me a clue as to what it might start with.

  9. IS the URL.

    What book making tool are you using? Bookify?

  10. Booksmart

  11. Well, we've reached the end of my ability to help you, as I'm not on a Mac or PC and can't download it.

    Ask them if they can use an RSS feed.

  12. Have you considered Feedfabrik instead?

    They are one of our app partners, so you can safely integrate your blog with their print service.

  13. Thanks for your help Raincoaster. I will ask them about the RSS feed.

  14. Thanks for the suggestion Macmanx. I'm not that technologically advanced - I don't do apps.

  15. You actually don't have to worry about that with them. It's as easy as just starting here:

  16. thanks macmanx

  17. You're welcome!

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