Is it there a way to show only custom feeds? (i.e. Feedburner)

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    If someone has a custom feed i.e. in Feedburner, how can she display this feed and only this feed, without showing the default feeds as well?

    Most if not all the themes display the RSS feed of the blog in the template. They seem to be hardcoded: I can’t see a way to edit the feed link or at least hide those links in order to add mine using a widget.

    Of course I can always add my feedburner as widget, but this is confusing for users since they are getting two different feeds offered in the same home providing in fact the same information.

    If these feeds are indeed hardcoded it would be useful to evolve this and have a section under Options where you could configure your feed links.



    This is a multi-user blogging platform and editing or even accessing our templates is not allowed. If you could edit then every other blog with the same theme would be likewise changed.

    You can choose a different theme but you cannot compel your readers to use only the feed reader service you choose. The choice of feed readers is up to the readers.


    If you would like to share your opinion with staff on this then you can wait until the week days during Support hours and use this link

    HTH :)



    Wow, thanks for the fast reply.

    In the meantime I found – which I hadn’t found before (sorry).

    I understand the templating thing, but the feed link could be a value configurable by the blog admin, just like many other values that are configurable i.e. header colors.

    I can’t compel my readers to use the feed I choose, but most of them wouldn’t actually bother if I would show them only one in my blog. Finding two options for a same result is suboptimal in terms of usability no matter how you look at it.

    However, this is how this (excellent) service works as for today and I accept this. As far as I understand if I really care about this I can always edit the CSS hiding those feeds in the UI (although I guess the browser will find them anyway).

    Not a big issue overall, just some room for improvement. I’m really happy with the rest of the features. Thanks!



    Thanks for saying thanks and happy blogging. :)

    P.S. Please mark this thread as “resolved”.

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