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    One reply earlier states that is NOT possible to limit what an author can do regarding updating/editing pages on my website on Can it be done on Our website will have lots of pages to it and we want various people to be able to log in and update/edit THEIR particular page only and not be able to do this to other people’s pages.

    The blog I need help with is



    Asking the same question many times does not change the answer – user rolls look the same as user roles are part of the Core WordPress software


    Sorry I didn’t see your response on my first question. So it sounds like if we want people on our staff to be able to update/edit THEIR page only, I will have to create the webpage(s) in, not since user limitations are not possible in, correct?



    User Roles
    Inviting Contributors, Followers, and Viewers (Editors and Authors)


    So it sounds like if we want people on our staff to be able to update/edit THEIR page only, I will have to create the webpage(s) in

    I don’t believe that’s what auxclass said, but rather that it doesn’t appear to be possible in the core software, no matter where it’s hosted.



    Correct and that’s made in the support docs I linked to.



    Your only option here is to have people put the info on Posts and not Pages and use either a Custom Menu or Text Widgets (or maybe the Links Widget (? name) to arrange the Posts in a manor that is easy to find – how many people will need to have their own “Page”?


    We are going to create the website for our entire town. It will have lodging info, restaurant info, jobs available, tourism info, etc. and a page for all the businesses in our town. We wanted to train each business owner (and invite them as an author) to update their OWN page and ONLY their own page so they don’t accidentally mess up other pages on the website. I have read all the documentation about what the different roles mean, but it does not appear that just because I associated one of my pages to a new user and set her as the author, she is limited to just this particular page and can post on the homepage. Hope I’m making sense. My current blog URL is our practice website before we start creating the whole website for our town. I wonder since it will be many pages anyway, if we are going to have to use



    You will probably be happier and be able to do what you want with a WordPress.ORG install – if you are doing the whole town and people get used to coming to your site (add some news and such don’t be just a list of merchants) – at some point the merchants will want to buy advertising which you can’t do here – as I noted earlier you should be able to find a Plug-in over at WordPress.ORG to help you keep people matched up to their own pages

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