Is my biz site that promotes my products considered advertising violating tos? t

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    I am a film distributor with several movies which I sell to the public. I wish to build a business website on that showcases each of my films (products) and link to where customers can purchase DVDs or stream VOD. Is this considered advertising that violates the tos?

    Also, if some of these links are to Amazon, can I link through my affiliate account I have with them?

    Thank you.



    Since you are a distributor, not a producer, it is almost certain that this would violate the ToS. You will want to get an independently-hosted WordPress.ORG site so you can use ecommerce tools to properly distribute your movies.



    A site where you link to several movies that you distribute, through an Amazon affiliate account, is fine.



    In a similar vein: Does allow a business blog that displays products, but no eCommerce ordering? I’d like to use a blog to display example photos of products for a small embroidery and engraving business. However, I would not allow product ordering; only a contact phone number and email.



    lubicp – if the products are your own, then what you describe is fine.


    ^ And I take that to mean being produced directly by you or under your supervision, not buying or ordering them from someone else.



    Yes, in general selling your own products – i.e. original products that you have created – is fine.



    I don’t understand, then. How is a distributor falling under that heading? They don’t create the products: they are basically a wholesaler.



    I don’t understand either. A distributor is not a creator. I want Staff to clarify this and update the support documentation to reflect the clarification please.
    timethief (logged in under my other username account)


    In my head I can see the justification, but I can’t really put it into words. I’ll wait for a Staff clarification to see if I’m right.


    You are new here and I am not. We Volunteers have spent over 6 years telling others that they cannot sell any product they did not make or any service they do not provide that’s not allowed here.

    Justifying policies is not the role of a Volunteer answering support questions. blogs are not suitable for marketing purposes as they cannot be equipped for ecommerce.

    If Staff is making a policy change then I expect they will put it in writing and place it in the support documentation so we can link to it.

    A film distributor is a company or individual responsible for the marketing of a film.



    Thank everyone. Seems an earlier update of mine did not make it to this forum. I AM the producer of all the projects I distribute. I self distribute. So I assume that is ok?

    Kathrynwp, your description says “Happiness Engineer.” Are you staff or a member?

    Thank you



    Kathrynwp, is one of the staff – however most of the support here is provided by unpaid volunteers



    If you’re the producer, then what Kathrynwp said applies to you: you are fine.



    We reserve the right to assess sites’ suitability for on a case-by-case basis, and our determination is that the type of site in the film-distributor scenario described by the OP doesn’t violate our Terms of Service.

    If anyone needs further clarification on their own site, please start a new thread and add the modlook tag so a staff member can have a look.

    If you have any concerns you’d like to discuss privately, feel free to indicate that and a staff member will be glad to send you an email. Thanks!

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