Is my blog following the WordPress TOS?

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    I have links on my blog to buy clothing that I make. My blog however is not all about the clothing, it’s about the articles I post. Can you look at my site and let me know if what I’m doing is OK? I want to ask someone that works for WordPress but they only provide support for .org users it seems. Please, somebody help me. I don’t want my site shut down.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is




    I’ve been here something like seven years, and that is, in my opinion:

    1) a fantastic, interesting-looking blog

    2) almost certainly within the ToS. You presumably don’t sew your own shirts, but you are a designer, and that should be fine.



    @timethief: Thank you for the links, they are very informative. I believe my blog isn’t violating any of the rules, I just wish I could get “official” confirmation from someone on wordpress.

    @raincoaster: Thanks for the compliment, I’ve put in a lot of hard work into my blog. Also, I’m actually in the process of learning how to sew my own shirts and plan on selling those too.

    If anyone else has any comments, please respond. Thank you.



    raincoaster is (as always) right :)

    “I just wish I could get “official” confirmation from someone on wordpress.”

    Consider yourself officially told – your blog is absolutely fine.



    @mark: THANK YOU!!!


    Well then I need to know why my blog was suspended BEFORE I even posted anything. I created it before lunch. I came back, logged in and verified the account, then started my log. I copied and pasted an article I recently wrote, I uploaded a free picture from a free picture site and when I clicked “see post” it said my blog was suspended. What gives? I put a link to my web page—is that wrong?



    Hello there,
    I’m sorry but this is not a matter for posting to a public forum. We Volunteers answering support questions have no role to play in this process. This is between you and Staff. Please click that link as it works at all times (even when the regular contact form is closed). If you have already contacted Staff by using the “click here to contact us” link in the notice, the ToS department definitely received your request. Please be patient as they’ll be getting back to you as soon as they can.
    Reference links:

    As a policy, we are sked to please refrain from discussing ToS issues on the public forums.


    I have contacted them. However, the post before me were discussing TOS and Mark (above) answered so I thought this was an appropriate place to get help since I could not find a “contact us” button. I did finally find one after much searching. I assumed since Mark was reading and commenting here, then I was contacting “Staff”.



    Mistakes are sometimes made – but you need to work directly with the TOS people.

    You have contacted them so keep the faith and they should get back to you – be sure to check your spam filter – sometimes emails get lost.

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