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Is My Blog Interesting Enough...

  1. ... within its chosen "fields" or is there something more (apart from deleting it :) ) that might improve it?

    All thoughts (well, constructive ones!) welcomed.


  2. What makes you want to delete it? I'd just participate in forums and things like that to meet new readers or bloggers with similar interests.

  3. Does it interest YOU? If it does, keep going. Sometimes it takes the rest of the world awhile to catch on.
    Also, check out threads like this one:

    Participate. That draws people.

  4. Sorry, I gave the wrong impression -- I'm not considering deleting and I'm actually quite happy with its page hits (increasing month on month.) I do want to keep it growing and developing, however, and I always value feedback. So, thank you, yes. More participation in forums etc is an excellent suggestion. I'll give it a go :-)

  5. Yes, I find it rather interesting. As for the "wordy" -ness, may I suggest a book that I hope you might enjoy? It could help you a bit if you honestly feel that it's a problem.

    It's called "On Writing" by Stephen King. It's an autobiography and it's not scary. I actually found much of it very amusing. The first half is about his life which I found very interesting, and the second half is about writing itself. How to write well without overdoing it.

    Anyways, I happened to like the book, and I think maybe you should check it out. I'll bet it's on Google Books.

    Keep up your blog tho.

    Would you mind telling me what you think of mine?

  6. Yes Gary your blog is interesting. I came a cross your by accidentally finding a tag for Carl Sagan. Thats how it goes i guess. Readers often stumble onto blogs on a subject they love.

    I usually read your posts in my I-google. I don't think readers register hits in the WordPress stats.

  7. jilianceleste: Thank you for your reassuring words regarding my blog. It really helps hearing the opinions of others.

    I've actually been meaning to read the King book for a good while. I'm a big fan of his earlier work, so I'll definitely check it out a.s.a.p.

    I'll drop by your blog later today and let you know what I think.

    comzicchef: lol. Good old Carl. He's still pulling in hits for me :-) Glad you like it. Cheers!

  8. Yeah, it's a pleasant book... most of the time. But it's the only book of his that I've read as I'm a huge wimp and can't stand the horror and gore. xD

  9. I think your content is really good Garry, I think it provides a good format for discussion of topical issues and your informal writing style is very readable.
    Personally if I was going to offer any criticism it'd be the layout, to me it looks dark and cold but of course it's a minor thing in the grand scheme.
    If you want to increase your traffic, as has already been suggested, partuicipate in the forums, you'd be surprised how it can boost your hits exponentially.

  10. @ jilianceleste, without trying to offend anyone, Stephen King "on writing" as a guide on how to do it is probably only a good idea if you consider Stephen King himself to be a good author.
    Personally I don't, I consider him to be a prolific author but not necisarily a good one, a bit like the late Dame Barbara Cartland in that regard.
    There are one or two exceptions, but generally in my opinion, authors who take their craft seriously spend a bit of time on their work.
    Thomas Harris for instance spent eight years of his life writing "Hannibal", it wasn't until almost eight years later that he produced his next book.
    It simply isn't possible to produce the volume of work Stephen King has produced in the time he has without cutting a good many corners.
    Of course he has plenty of "customers", so has McDonalds, you'd hardly call that a fine dining experience would you?

  11. Thanks, alburywodongaonline. I'm pleased you like the content. That's really what I want to get right at this stage.

    As for the layout, I'll certainly give that some thought. I've always liked darker backgrounds, myself, but, yes, maybe it could do with brightening up :)

    Re: Stephen King. I do think he has a huge talent. I was a big fan of his early work, but I found him very prone to excess. This became more evident in his later work, and I just couldn't swallow it any more. A little more time spent on his projects would have benefited it, I agree.

    I think the Harris example, however, is too far to the opposite end of the scale. Eight years is a ridiculous amount of time to spend on a novel -- even with research. Of course, he can <i>afford</i> to take eight years... most can't.

    But, yes, as long as it isn't too extreme, I'd say quality over quantity is a good philosophy! :)

  12. I like how you have your book chapters (excellently edited, by the way) easily accessible, and I think it's great news your work is being considered for publishing. If stuff like that isn't interesting, I honestly don't know what is.

  13. Thank you, cirellio! That's very nice of you. I'm meeting some great people via my blog, so I guess I must be doing something right lol

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