is my site being attacked?

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    Traffic to my site has spiked from very few users (eg 2 today, 47 visits). Is it being attacked by some kind of bot?

    The blog I need help with is


    No, you’re just starting to get more traffic!

    Also, this happens if you’re posting links to popular sites and also if you’re commenting on other sites and people are finding you from there.



    Look at the Referrers – sometimes that will tell you where traffic is coming from – sometimes someone will stumble across a blog and take some time to look around and spend some time on your site – just part of the up and down of traffic – sometimes someone will see something they like and send the link to friends

    Once in a while I have had a single person spend 3- 4 or more hours on my site and read 60 – 70 or more Posts or my entire site – – not normal but it happens from time to time

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