Is No-ads upgrade supposed to remove “Blog at” footer?

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    Hi Everbody,

    I’ve recently started working with for a simple DIY Web Site. Yesterday I purchased upgrades – the domain mapping and the no-ads upgrade.

    I thought that no-ads would remove the footer language and link “Blog at”, but it has not. If possible,I would like to get rid of that link….. is there a way to do it? Was no-ads the right upgrade or perhaps should I seek a refund? I’m not quite clear on AdSense ads on my site and haven’t noticed them….. it’s the footer that has been the most noticeable promotion I’ve seen.

    When I logged out to view the site yesterday, I do see these “snap” previews of my images and things….. I’d like to get rid of that also if possible. Thought I saw a toggle somewhere, but need to go looking for it again.

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there!

    The No Ads upgrade removes all Adsense ads from your blog. The “Blog at” bit is a footer and is not removed with the No Ads upgrade.

    It can be hidden with the CSS upgrade if you want to remove it.

    You can turn the previews off by going to Appearance->Extras and unchecking the “Enable mShots…” option.



    I consider it poor netiquette to remove/hide the footer. After all, IS providing you with a free hosting service. Just saying and perhaps food for thought.



    Jonathan Turley has his legal blog on He has domain mapping and no add upgrade as best I can tell. He is one of the premier legal authorities on the U.S. Constitution – He is regularly seen on news shows to explain Constitutional issues and rulings by the Supreme Court –

    He does not seem to have a problem with “Blog at” in his footer.

    Tell friends that you are using the same host as CNN.COM and several other major international companies.

    I consider it polite and fair to leave the footer in, and it does not bother me a bit – besides – who the heck reads the footer anyway?



    Not just big networks either!

    Raincoaster (may be a network all by herself), Eve Winer (Dave Winer of Scripting News mom), Mark Cuban, Francis Cole Jones, Sasha Dichter, and many other folk blog here too.



    Hmm… I’m using Mistylook, and it doesn’t actually appear at all.

    It looks as if it once did, as “Theme: Mistylook by Sadish.” is off-centre. Odd.



    @jj (I consider it poor netiquette to remove/hide the footer. After all, IS providing you with a free hosting service)
    if you pay for no ads, or for any other upgrade, it’s no longer a free service.

    That said, I use the CSS upgrade to nodisplay the footer, and still include the credit – in the sidear.


    @ron, let staff know about that footer misalignment. It needs a little luvin’ by the theme team. It’s an easy fix for them in the CSS.



    Heh. Look at me: I’m an internet celebrity!



    @TSP – I’ll do that if I stick with it – by this time tomorrow I might have a new theme. I like the clarity of Journalist, but it’s a tad bleak . . . Still looking.



    forgot to mention, Weird Al (Yankovic) also blogs on (no, really!)


    Well, there goes the neighborhood.




    I blogged about him today! sort of.

    Dolph Lundren is the King of Rock and Roll



    Thanks for the replies, I’m willing to pay to skip the footer, so, it’s not like I expect to have a totally free experience. I’m using this as a business card kind of Web site, and prefer not to announce how it was created. I think for a blog, it makes much more sense to have the footer, but for my purpose it’s distracting. I’ll take a look at the CSS upgrade to see if it makes sense. Overall my experience has been great and I’m loving the ease of use.

    So, perhaps I should get a no-ads refund since it’s not quite what I expected — but I’m not quite clear on where this discreet adsense advertising is taking place…. could anyone show me an example? I’m new to and still getting the hang of it. Maybe the ads are so discreet it’s not an issue for me…..or maybe I prefer to block them with the upgrade — not sure!

    Thanks again!



    Hi Karen,

    The easiest way to see them would be to make sure you are logged out of and then view your site.

    Logged in users never see ads.



    Business site? Hopefully you’ve also really read these:

    If your site meets the above criteria, keep the no-ads upgrade. There are cases where, due to the content, the competitors’ ads show up on your site. And there have been reports that “discreet” is a thing of the past and increased appearance is now the norm.

    Although no longer maintained, husdal’s old site has some excellent posts on adsense on in general and has examples of what some visitors may see when viewing your site



    ...and has examples of what some visitors may see when viewing your site

    He has this to say:

    Corporate governance

    What does bite me, though, is the lack of full openness about this. Alright, Matt’s note on AdSense says

    We very occassionally show Adsense (contextual text ads)

    Well, maybe they’re not so contextual and not so text ad after all, as my screen shot above proves, and a few examples to illustrate the point would have helped getting the point across. And Matt does make a point that neither you nor your regular readers are likely to see any ads:

    The ad code tries hard not to intrude or show ads to regular readers, which means a small percentage of page views.

    Still, I would appreciate a little bit more transparency from WordPress and Automattic in this matter. I think they owe it to us, their users. It’s about corporate governance.

    Actually, things may have moved on since then. I hadn’t realised it because I nearly always use Firefox with AdBlockPlus. I just tried Opera. Every blog I looked at had ads on every page. And they’re massive, occupying centre stage. I looked at one or two of my own blogs and cried.



    Talk about contextual. This is the ad that appears under one of mine:

    Web redesigns from £1500
    You read that right - complete web site redesigns from just £1500.

    What an insult.

    By the way, rather off-topic, my last post got in a mess with html. Any way to edit it?

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