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... is no longer available. The authors have deleted this blog.

  1. Hi, there's a user/blog name that I was hoping to use but it looks like it was in use at some point but has now been deleted. I just wanted to check that the answer that I've found elsewhere still applies or (hopefully) the rules might have changed since - can these deleted names become available by request? Seems silly to not allow this if they're not being used.


  2. Same rules - once a blog name is deleted it is gone forever even from the original owner.

  3. Dayum, thanks anyways.

  4. You be welcome

    You can map a domain name to a blog here ($ 17-/year + private registration if wanted) - or pick a name that is close -

  5. Yup thanks - I'll be mapping a real domain.

    Really it was the username that I wanted for the blog. Actually the username is tied to the url name isn't? (if the url isn't available, the username won't be as well)?

  6. I think the username is reserved based on a blog name and the reverse is also true I think.

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