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Is ok to let another blog use your content?

  1. readytochangenow

    I thought I was done with Newbie comments:

    Just got a comment - "Can we use couple paragraphes for our site?"

    It is a WordPress site; good - bad? Spam? Not Spam?

    I looked at the site, they appear to attribute authors.

    Can some of you seasoned vets out there give me your opinion? I have approved the comment so you can see it, but have not responded.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have a good taste in theme ;-)

    It seems like a genuine request so, if they reference your blog, I can't see any harm in it.

    When you were asking for the opinion of seasoned vets I expected your blog to be about animals... Well written - keep up the good work.

  3. readytochangenow

    Good point -

    Seasoned bloggers :-)

  4. The only reason I see to NOT allow others to use your content is risk of loss of control over it as well as the right of authorship. Ensure you're attributed and that they don't take use than a snippet of your material (a link back to your original content is optimal).

  5. readytochangenow

    Thank you - that is what I ended up doing - asking for a link and attribution.


  6. kennethmarkhoover

    Link and attribution is considered standard. :)

  7. Use your best judgement, I think as long as its a legit site and they credit you and your blog its fine :) Who knows, it may give you a few new readers. Good luck

  8. @readytochangenow
    kennethmarkhoover is right on. Though it's not required I have a copyright policy you can check out >
    I also use copyscape to catch content thieves.
    This post may be of interest to you >

  9. My guess? Probably spam. Would you want your blog to be associated with the blog of someone who writes like that? If I were you I'd say no. Well, I'd make extravagant fun of them for asking without offering dollars, demand ten bucks a word, and then say no anyway.

  10. readytochangenow

    @timethief - copyright research in on my list - I am ready to finally hunker down and learn what I need to do - thank you again for the resources.

    @raincoaster - I agree - after a spent some time reading their posts I went back and removed the comment. Alas, I forgot to ask for the money :-(

  11. readytochangenow

    I went to Copyscape and all the returns were highlighting the text used in the comment section of my page which, of course, every blog has.

    Is there a way to filter that out?

  12. readytochangenow

    OK - I manned up and got a subsciption - changed my comment and e-mail subscription text and am doing a batch search.

    *wiping sweat off brow*

  13. Is there a way to filter that out?

    I would have simply ignored them and created more content.

  14. phoenixtearsheal

    @R.T.C.N. well I guess at least they asked you first.
    I thought just once about reblogging, when I saw something I particularly liked,
    but I didn't go ahead because I didn't feel right about it, so I just set up a page with links to other people's blog posts, which I can now add to whenever I find something i like; I prefer to do it this way.

  15. Reblogging can be done ethically: look at BoingBoing: everything there started as a post somewhere else. But it's tricky. I've quoted from sites and linked to them and found, in the comments section, complaints from those bloggers that I didn't give them credit. Well, what more do you want other than a link with your name in it???

  16. readytochangenow

    I think it was all for not - nothing came of it. I think it just startled me at first. Afraid of being a noob :-)

  17. @readytochangenow
    Have no fear. You blog is well organized, very clean and easy to navigate. Your writing is excellent and you are building a blogging community of reglaur commenters. You are on the right track - go girl go!

  18. edit: "reglaur" was meant to be "regular" but it's hard to see as I have drops in my eyes today. :(

  19. readytochangenow

    @timethief *blushing* Thank you.

    I can see that it will be a long time before I get bored - I am astounded how much there is to learn - I would be lost without you guys. Thank you.

  20. @readytochangenow

    This may be a new development, but I've noticed that your blog is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - NonCommercial - No Derivs (CC-BY-NC-ND) license...

    You know that license gives anyone the permission to copy your blog on a non-commercial website without having to ask for your permission in the first place, right?

  21. readytochangenow

    !!! No - I was not aware!

    I filled out the Creative Commons form and this was the one they suggested to me.

    OK - have to go investigate - holy crap.

  22. readytochangenow

    I filled it out again and it still gave me Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

  23. Looks like you're mistaken on the purpose of Creative Commons. CC licenses exist to give other people the right to copy works without having to ask for permission. Many artists release music under these licenses so other artists can remix them, put them in Youtube videos, etc.

    You don't need a CC license. Just put: "Copyright © 2012 readytochangenow - All Rights Reserved".

  24. readytochangenow

    Oh my goodness - I totally missed it. I was reading copyright materials for hours and proceeded to give it away. Another example of me making something simple waaay too difficult.

    I can only hope that I can remove my site from CC...

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Seriously - can't thank you enough.

  25. CC doesn't store or record your works. If you remove the logo, you're good. :)

    Always glad to help!

    -- IsharaComix,
    Creative Commons Nerd

  26. readytochangenow

    Not to belabor the point- but does my original submission have no effect? I just found this on the CC forum:

    You cannot retrospectively remove a Creative Commons license you voluntarily placed on your work, you can release subsequent editions/publications with a different or no license, but any versions the originate from the original CC license will continue to remain with that license.

    I am just trying to figure out if I will get any sleep tonight.

  27. readytochangenow

    I am actually crying...I just found this on the CC site.

    But beware, the CC license is not something you can revoke if you change your mind.

    I am not asking legal advice, I am just a new writer who feels like she just found her voice only to give it away.

  28. There was never a "submission". All they did was give you a custom badge for your website. :)

    Don't worry about that clause right there: That means if you put something under CC, and it becomes popular because people were allowed to share it, you aren't allowed to change your mind three months later and sue everyone. It's a way to stop less-respectable folks from pulling a bait-and-switch on their audience.

    Just because there was a badge on your website for a few hours doesn't mean anything. :)

    Don't hesitate to ask me questions about CC. I live for this sorta thing. ^^

  29. readytochangenow

    OK - I am calmer now. I am going to trust what you said and step away from my computer.

    Once again - thank you for your help.

  30. We all go through this sort of thing in the beginning.

    Picasso was asked if all the fake Picassos floating around bothered him and he said no, not at all. "Because that is the greatest thing they will ever paint, and tomorrow I will wake up and I will still be Picasso."

    Once the hyperventilation period is over it all gets better from there. Most people start out with maximum lockdown on their sites, eg no reblogging, nothing. They gradually loosen up as they realize nothing can go viral if they don't let it off its chain, but in the meantime they educate themselves on ways to keep the credit. It takes time.

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