Is one of my posts being spammed?

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    I think this one post is being “spammed.” The number of views of it keeps going up — literally second by second — but the number of visitors remains the same. Should something be done about this? If so, what?

    The blog I need help with is



    The stats are somewhat behind realtime. Sounds like you have a post that went viral and the stats can’t keep up.


    If it had gone viral, I would have expected to see more “visitors,” rather than only more views. The stats seemed to be saying that one person was “viewing” the post several hundred times — in rapid succession. Finally, I deleted the post (it was actually only an image and non-essential). The “views” stopped increasing almost immediately. No problem with any other post, either. The post was an image of a model of the historical Jerusalem Temple. Seems like someone wanted the image removed.

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