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Is our site being used with Tag Surfer?

  1. Hello,

    My brother and I are indie game developers and have used the WordPress framework to host a site on a separate provider. I am wondering if our site is being seen through the tag surfer like blogs that are created at WordPress. If not, is there a certain plug in or something I can use to enable that so our site is included in all of the features WordPress offers such as the tag surfer?

    The website is if that helps. It is not the blog that is associated with the account I am posting this on.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, if you are on a different web host you are not connected to at all. Your site stands alone.

    The global tags system here is a feature only for those hosted on and it is highly unlikely that they will ever open it up for self-hosted sites.

  3. Thanks for the fast response! That is too bad :( I was hoping there was a way I could connect with it. I think it is an awesome feature and it really helps get views to your blog/site.

    Thanks again

  4. There are advantages to being on wordpress.COM, and there are disadvantages if you want to do things that are not allowed here. One of the things I see is that there could be a massive flood of splog sites (spam blogs) show up as the sploggers are always looking for ways to get people to click on their ads and such. It would be a mess to try and police.

  5. In my experience, it really REALLY does not get you major views. It used to get you major SEO, but they changed that last year.

  6. A friend of mine recently made a free WordPress blog and already has over half the amount of hits that our external site, sparkrift, has. Her blog has been around for a month, sparkrift has been around for 2 years. So something is helping her blog, and I am trying to figure it out. However, sparkrift is not really a blog, more of a informative website about the company and games we offer - so maybe its less interesting for random people and that I'm sure has an impact on the hit count.

  7. It's not the tag surfer. I've been here six years, trust me. Does nothing in particular show in her stats? Have you checked Technorati to see incoming links? All it takes is one Freshly Pressed to do it.

  8. Do some blogging on your site. That fresh content keeps the search engines interested and coming back.

  9. Thanks for the tips, I am no expert at all on blogging yet so I will take your word raincoaster that the surfer is not crucial. I am not familiar with Technorati I will have to look into that. I am not saying her blog has exploded or anything, I am just seeing a steady 50-100 views a day on her blog which is a lot compared to sparkrift, which gets 5-10 if we are lucky.. usually 0.

    We have been talking a lot about blogging more on sparkrift so hopefully that should help like you said thesacredpath. Thanks!

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