Is publishing info about a small business OK?

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    Dear WordPress,
    I’ve browsed through your support site so I’m mainly after a quick confirmation from you: a friend of mine would like to create a blog with business content to advertise her really small shop. As far as I could check that type of content is OK to publish on a blog.
    On top of that she would like to register a domain for that blog. I think as soon as she’s done that she just need to pay $13 a year to to map that domain to her blog.

    Could you please confirm my assumptions?

    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Depends. She can blog about the shop, but the posts can’t be just “look at this stuff, come buy it” but real, actual blog posts. And advertising specific products that she herself does not make is verboten.

    And yes, the easiest way for her to get the custom domain is to buy it here and pay the mapping as well. That’s only $18 a year that way. Many domain registrars are way more expensive. But I think staff will have to create a zone record for her when she does that, so I’ll flag this for them.



    I don’t think you can register a domain here – you can however map a domain that is registered elsewhere to your blog here – note the need for a zone record above



    Thanks for the answers guys, I think the domain registration was secondary and it seems I will need to pay for hosting, too. The main idea was to install a very simple website for a beauty saloon my friend would like to operate in her own house. This would be a very small scale business in a distant suburb downunder so at first I was thinking of choosing a low-cost website implementation until the business itself proves to be successful (or not).

    I remembered that a few years ago sites that provided free hosting for blogs or personal content didn’t allow business content and just wanted to make sure whether this is still the case.



    I think that should be totally doable here, you don’t need paid hosting.

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