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Is re-blogging a good thing?

  1. There is this site which subscribed for my blog a month ago. Since then they have been re-blogging all my blog posts. I don't like the fact that they are re-blogging my content without my consent.
    So i want to know couple of things.
    Is it a good thing if someone re-blogs you blog posts?
    If its bad, how do i stop this from happening?
    This is an example

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't stop reblogs. Staff have previously said that reblogs are considered legitimate publicizing of your content and drives traffic. However, if you come across a site that is only reblogs, you can lodge a complaint directly from the Admin bar while on that site by clicking the "report this content" link in the Admin bar. More about reblogs here:

    Unasked for advice/
    On another topic, advertising, such as the "sponsor" you have in your sidebar, is not allowed on sites. Please see this support doc and remove it, otherwise your site may be open to being suspended.
    /unasked for advice

  3. Hi, @justjennifer & @abhilashhb
    Reblog option can be disabled

    Cheers :)

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