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Is redirecting my traffic to against ToS??

  1. Hi i have read on other threads that redirecting your traffic to is against tos? I have got a pdf tutorial on how to do it and was going to do it to redirect all of my old traffic to my new site but I was told its against ToS? I thought its strange for it to be against tos to redirect traffic from your old blog to your new blog but I want to make sure before i do it!
    Please can someone clear it up!

  2. You can't do a redirect on a URL. It's simply not possible. If you have the domain upgrade, the domain name is yours to do with as you please.

    I think you may be confused because it IS against the ToS to have a blog here and use it only to point people to some external site. That mostly applies to people who are trying to use for its google juice, but drive all the hits to their external site.

  3. [edited - Mark]

    I just wanted to know wether its within ToS or not!

  4. Well, I'm not about to open a PDF on this machine (it's crashy) so I'm afraid you're on your own. You can always contact staff and ask.

  5. Ok Ill send them a message, but is it against Tos to redirect traffic to your new wordpres site or is it that not a lot know how to do it?

  6. It is unsupported and we could stop it with no notice. There would also be no refund on the upgrade.

  7. And using the Tags pages would both make people notice and mean the link broken - there is not going to be people creating blogs, getting an upgrade and sending traffic to anywhere they chose.

  8. Wow - you guys are confusing :)

    @Tutorial Guy - Where did you see that redirecting is against ToS? The ToS (here: say nothing about redirection - and they're written by Automattic.

    In fact, they talk about their additional services [at cost] of which redirection is one.

    However, the redirection that is offered is a temporary redirect (error 302), meaning that Goog juice can't go to the new site. The preference when redirecting (if you don't want to lose you PR) is to do a permanent redirect (error 301) and Automattic don't provide that service - probably because people would misuse it, so they're doing the right thing.

    @Raincoaster - Sorry, you're wrong.

    Read Matt's comment on this post -

    Re: "because it IS against the ToS to have a blog here and use it only to point people to some external site."

    I'd like to see where in the ToS it says that. The ToS are there to say basically that you should be fair and good with regard to your blog - if you're going to abuse it in *any* way - then - Automattic can cut you off - again - a fair call.

    We are currently paying Automattic $10 a year to redirect to - and - all is good.

    Hope this helps!

  9. All I have is experience; the experience of seeing such blogs deleted.

  10. Raincoaster - we'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

    The only time I've seen blogs deleted (and quickly) was when the content was iffy.

    If the content is genuine, and adds value to the Web, you're on safe ground.

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