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Is Religion Provoking Article in a Blog, abusing the Terms of WP ?

  1. I've been looking after this blog's article, "".

    Even this article is stated in Indonesian, but mainly, this article is forcing the readers to move from Islam.

    I'm not only saying about the article. (Even this one is not satire, it's provoking). But, the owner of the blog had edited the other's comment, from pursuing / denying, into accepting the article's main idea (One of the victims is him, also in Indonesia).

    And then, he also Spamming about hard-material content (you-know-what) to other's blogs. I'm not provoking, I have the edited version of her comments here (Hopefully, the owner have edited her abusing comment).

    My last prrof is in her blogroll, take a look. It redirects into adult-content site.

    My question is :

    1. Is provoking other's belief abusing the terms of WP ?
    2. Will the guys from WP do something there ? Really, it's irritating, since her actions have "damaging" so many of us.

    Thanks for the attention. Hope that WP will always rocks. ;)

  2. Sorry. HTML error code. Can you guys edit it ? ;P

  3. 1. No it is not.
    2. The terms of service are not broken so no.

    The links are provocative - their aim is what I guess - but not against the terms of service.

  4. Ah. OK. Even I'm saying about her habit (Editing other's comment from Denying into Accepting). Is Editing Other's Opinion legal, also ? (Sorry, i'm a dull asker). :p

  5. If she's editing your words, don't comment there.

  6. OK. So just leave it alone, then ?

    Thanks for solving our problem in Indonesia. :)

  7. Galm, no matter how annoying the blog may be, it is not against any terms of service. This is one of the negative side of Web 2.0, and the price for free speech -- noone cares what you think, or whether your personal belief is endangered. Kind of cruel, but that's what the world is all about.

    Long story short, this is beyond the legal mumbo jumbo. You can shut it down by persuasion, or by the power of the crowd, but alas, there would be no legal stuff to aid you.

    So, no, the prime suspect is legally innocent. Except if we're living in the world of 1984, where it is to be considered a 'thoughtcrime'. :D

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