Is script from on wordpress is a malware or not

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    Just want to know that the script added to my site ( ,and also in many WordPress sites at bottom (ONLY seen view->pagesource)
    recently an article from :” states that this script is a piece of malware.Is this true or not.Pls help?

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you aware that the software is programmed to strip out blogger initiated Javascript? See here please >
    If you have malware concerns then please report them directly to Staff by using this link. >



    Of course in WordPress editor these scripts cannot be identified .But on visiting the site in any browser and right clck view -pagesource these script is at bottom .( ) Most sites got this script .Even when view->pagesource of main website there is this script at bottom
    It’s a tracking site .Why does WordPress support these scripts.
    So is this this script is a piece of malware?



    Contact staff to get an official answer. Once again, that URL is:


    me too. I asked a expert he said it is a survey site:



    You’re right. It’s a tracking code. .

    ScorecardResearch collects data through from two main sources: surveys and web tagging. For our surveys, we invite people on the Internet to provide us with anonymous demographic and Internet usage information that we can use to refine our reporting. These surveys are always voluntary, and are never used to collect personal information. For web tagging, participating websites agree to deploy a special code throughout their sites. Again, no personally identifiable information is ever transmitted by, or linked to, the web tags.

    <blockquote. Most sites got this script . Staff may want this on their official blog but I don’t recall the rest of us bloggers ever being asked if we wished to participate or not. Did you contact Staff about this or not? If you did then I would appreciate you returning to this thread and posting their response into it.



    Eventually got reply from (email redacted) mailed as
    “The script that you are seeing is an analytics script that we use to get a better handle of the traffic visiting sites on It is not malware.
    it’s just used for some stats tracking by a company we work with called ComScore. No need to worry about it”
    So hope it’ all ok.

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