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is selling patterns & created goods allowed

  1. Hi, firstly, I'm new so bare with me if my questions have been answered elsewhere or I'm asking in the wrong place - I've read & read but am more befuddled than ever -

    I have just changed over from Blogger - I love it here on WP but am at a loss about what's really allowed when it comes to selling & linking to sites that sell my stuff

    I'm an artist, author & teacher - from my blog, I'd like to sell my creations & PDF patterns - after reading forum & support posts I'm confused, but more over, terrified of doing the wrong thing

    what I'd like to know is

    is it OK that I've put a link to my Etsy shop?

    can I sell PDF patterns using paypal directly from my WP blog (these same patterns are being sold from Ravelry, also linked to my WP blog)?

    can I sell my creations (hats, bags etc) using paypal directly from My WP blog?

    thanks in advance for any help & advice - most appreciated

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There's a lot involved in your question(s) and you're probably better off to ask support directly. Someone from staff might drop by and see this, but we're mostly volunteers here.

  3. thanks, ellaella, I had a feeling I might be in the wrong place - newbie & all that - I'll take my questions over to support - thanks for your reply

  4. You're welcome. You're really not in the wrong place, but some issues are beyond our scope as volunteers. Had you asked about adsense (gah) or affiliate links, it would have been an easy 'no.'

  5. OK, I'll keep that in mind, I contacted support, forgive my ignorance but now what? do they contact me direct or do they refer to this post to clarify? My learning curve these last couple of days has been huge - luckily I'm enjoying all this new info - again, thanks for your help

  6. They'll email you directly. I think you'll find, if you haven't already, support -- and many other things -- are far better here than where you came from. Did you include everything from your first post?

  7. yes, I'm already finding that, but no I didn't put in the whole post only that I was referred from here to them - should I contact them again & paste the whole post into one of the fields? I found that bit somewhat confusing.

  8. You might just refer them to this thread:
    and let them know you already contacted them at such and such a time.

  9. If you gave them the link to this thread, all should be well. If not, a clarifying follow-up would help them. Real humans will read it, so I don't think it matters which field you use.

    And until they get back to you, you can choose a theme, change your mind, choose another, rinse & repeat. :)

    Real life beckons - good luck with this!

  10. thanks to both of you for your help - most appreciated

  11. just had confirmation from support & all my questions answered - you guys are awesome - I'm loving WP more & more by the minute - thank to everyone - R

  12. Just out of curiosity, can you tell us what they said?

  13. sorry, had to duck out for mo...... they said

    Thanks for the questions and the link. Selling your own hand-crafted creations is fine.

    I'm presuming that covers all of my queries

  14. That is what I expected they would say, but it is always best to check with them.

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