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Is sex X-rated?

  1. Is the topic of sex considered as mature at As an author I would like to write about sex and literature. Many years ago the book Sexus was published, and it was a huge thing then. I would like to write a post on that theme, discussing the question of how far a writer can bring that topic today, without passing the boundaries for what´s accepted today.

    The main topic of that post would not be sex, but sex within literature. I would have to mention sex and write about. It would not be graphic, but more questions about what´s ok to write about (topics).


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Mature means not suitable for general audiences. See detailed staff reply here:

  3. Thanks :-)

  4. You're welcome. :)

  5. So if I understand your link correctly, I can write a post about a serious theme that would be X-rated if I use some words or pictures. But because I explain things without using their words and pictures it would be ok. You actually have to be an adult to understand what I have written, to be able to read "between the lines." That´s ok to post without X-raing a blog.

    Am I right?


  6. Maggie,
    Hello there,
    We Volunteers don't have any role to play when it comes to interpreting policy. Please read what Mark said here > He is the senior Staff member and he makes the final call. If you still have questions then please file a support ticket.

  7. Thanks :-)
    I filled in the support ticket.


  8. I have say: don't count 100% on getting a reply. These Forums are great, but Support is extremely hit and miss.

  9. ok. thanks for letting me know

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