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Is "Snap Preview" a problem?

  1. I think this is a support question but it might need to go elsewhere. Personally, I like the Snap previews. I like catching a glimpse of where I'm being sent when I hover over links. But apparently they annoy (okay, enrage) some readers. Are they a vocal minority? What is the general consensus here?

    And if I want to disable Snap (this is the support part of the question), is there a simple way to do that?


  2. It's up to you. For those of us who hate it with a passion, we have ways of turning it off on our end and have done so.

    The settings are at Dashboard -> Presentation -> Extras.

    Thanks though for asking,

  3. I do wish the on-off switch resided with the readers, though. Some do like it. I like it myself, but I turned it off because all of the comments about it on my blog were passionately negative.

  4. The reader CAN turn it off. Just click "Options" in the upper right corner of the preview bubble.

    Snap Preview Anywhere is not a back-end tweak. If you install/activate SPA I think it is good practice to announce the new functionality to your readers and this announcement should also include instructions on how your visitors can disable the functionality if they don’t want it...

  5. Really? I'd no idea. Thanks for the tip.

  6. It doesn't stick though if you clear your cookies.

    Probably could come up with a line for a HOSTS file though.

  7. Anyone who does not like it can disable it for any blog they visit with a simple cookie. I think it depends on the community, ask YOUR community what they think or just do what you want, after all it's your blog. I don't see this as much of a problem - anyone really interested in your blog will only actually go there to comment, they're most likely getting the content via RSS.

  8. Did you have a support question to ask?

  9. I think the poster is answering the question posed by giving their opinion to the matter.

  10. I changed to the new 'Freshy' theme and can't seem to use SNAP. Did what I should to enable, but nope : (

  11. Um, try clearing out cache and cookies, maybe?

  12. @misslionheart
    There have been some other problems with regard to the Freshy theme which are expected with the introduction of any new theme. Thus far you are the only one reporting this particular one. The procedure for reporting technical problems has not changed. Please send staff a feedback. :)

  13. Sorted. I just waited a while!

  14. I see Snap on Mission's blog.

  15. There is also a way to disable it if you are looking at other people's blogs, here:

  16. why does everyone have such a big issue with it?

  17. Well considering that it crashes Netscape 7.1....

    I actually don't have an issue with it. I just don't like it. I know when I surfing the web, I usually check the Status bar along the bottom of my browser window to see where the link is headed to. Snap takes that away from me.

  18. ... I usually check the Status bar along the bottom of my browser window to see where the link is headed to. Snap takes that away from me.

    Exactly. And aside from that it seems to me that every blog that has Snap running takes longer to load. And although Snap does give the option to the reader of "disabling" it this inconvenience also takes time and it doesn't stick if you clear your cookies. I don't like it either.

  19. I just noticed that in IE7, if you do a right click to open up a link in a new tab and Snap pops up, you lose the right click menu as well. It's defaults to the image, not the link.

  20. o.O

  21. You young people today with your Snap and your Jive and your Google and your YouTuba. Back in my day, all we had was Yahoo and after walking through five miles of snow and lava to the university library and having to wait in line to use their one AT&T PC 6300 which cost more then an entire year's college tution, we had to stand in our chair and yell out "Yahoo!" when we found what we were looking for....

    Anyway, some people like Snap and some don't. I turn it off.

  22. Me too. I've turned it off on all my blogs and if I "experience" a blog that has the dang thing turned on then I click out never to return again.

    Does it crash IE6 as well?
    And do you lose the right click menu in IE6 like you do in IE7?

  23. Doesn't crash IE6 but the right click goes away IIRC. Netscape 7.1 had issues with javascipts and divs and a lot more. 7.2 was a lot better which is one of the reasons why I use it myself.

  24. It doesn't crash IE6, but boy, am I tired of hearing CLICKCLICKCLICKCLICK every time I move my cursor over a page, and not being able to click on links until AFTER the bloody Snap Preview box comes up.

  25. defrostindoors

    I find it annoying when it won't get out of my way quickly enough. Astonishingly, it doesn't crash Camino--sometimes it seems like the mailman walking past or a commercial coming on TV will crash Camino. I wonder how many of my readers have been seething in silence? Think I'll disable it for the time being.

  26. *chuckle* anyone?

  27. Thanks for the turnoff tip, Ewingren! You're my hero!

    I thought it didn't work in the beginning, but you just have to refresh the page for the new options to take effect.

    *does the happy dance*

  28. Don't get me wrong by the way. It has it's uses and I can understand why folks like it. I just think the program needs some work.

  29. A conversation relating to several of the comments made in this thread can be found on timethief's blog. Make sure to read the comments.

  30. Indeed it appears that there have been changes made at "snap".

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