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Is "Snap Preview" a problem?

  1. Yes it can be annoying, but you can set the time it takes to appear in the options panel. This is better, so that it doesn't appear too quickly when you may just be right-clicking to open a link in another window.

  2. But isn't the whole POINT of Snap that you can see where the link goes before you click on it? So that would defeat the purpose of the whole thing, wouldn't it?

  3. Not when it is a link on a page that I know perfectly well where it goes, so I don't need the right-click function to be disabled while the Snap preview jumps up in front of me before I get get the 'click' in ...

  4. But the point of Snap is for your blog readers, not for the bloggers themselves. Most blog readers won't already know where a link goes. That's why Snap is called a "Preview".

  5. I need snap on my blog, it was once there and now it isn't when I changed layouts. I tried going to presentation - extras - and the box to enable snap was already checked... any ideas? I'm kind of lost.

  6. Snap has been a problem, at least in the past, and I don't know if it's been disabled or whether Snap is having problems.

    I've had so many problems with it that I keep it disabled on my blogs and I also keep it disabled for my browser as well.

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