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Is something weird going on?

  1. It is like I'm the only person on WordPress at the moment!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. you are not alone :)

    perhaps everyone is enjoying the sunshine

  3. I felt like that yesterday. Perhaps noirciplume is right. Of course, it isn't spring everywhere.

  4. alifebewhiskered

    I'm here! :D

    I sometimes feel like the only one here too. I put it down to the time difference between here, there, and everywhere else!

  5. Is it possible to be here but "not here" at the same time? The sunshine, after the long, cold winter seems to be a little too relaxing . . . I keep trying to post something but it is not happening. Meanwhile, gin and tonic time here in the UK. Cheers!

  6. hehe well in the UK is definitely hot and sunny. Gorgeous weather!

  7. Its 11 am here usually however when I am on hardly anyone talks to me, sometimes if I am lucky someone will actually read my posts.

  8. woah 11am? it's almost 8pm here. which part of the world are you from?

  9. I am from Vancouver Washington

  10. makes sense. Well then enjoy your day!

  11. you enjoy your day as well if you like read my blogs and comment if you like to

  12. I had heard of tornadoes in the USA - so wondered if there was reasons why people weren't on, such as power outages and stuff.

    It was just quite odd last night (7:30 am now here) - the quietest I had ever seen in in the 5 months since I joined!

  13. yesterday I too was thinking wordpress looked like a ghost town. I wandered over to invisible mikeys blog and found his statement that every easter week it is like this, even for popular blogs. Im glad @team that im not the only one that thought so yesterday.

  14. well then, I guess most bloggers are on holiday :)

  15. Thankss for the tip, Lifewith4cats. Good to know it is just a seasonal thing. We can resume normal programming after ANZAC Day, I assume - maybe earlier for non-Aussies!

  16. From blog to blob, happy Easter/Spring/Autumn everyone. The sun is shining again, such a treat!

  17. next week will be Easter for us going to my Aunts house and spend time with family

  18. authorjdhughes


    I have in my short life, come to the irrevocable conclusion that there is always something weird going on.


    My best,

    J. D. Hughes

  19. @authorjdhughes thats true in a way sometimes what we agree with may seem weird to others, to me this post is very interesting more then weird :)

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