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is someting wrong with my blog

  1. Hi everyone im new to this whole blogging thing and need some help i have done ten posts but when i look for my site on the search engine it cant find it i have already registered the site to optimize searches but still unless i write the whole website it wont find it so can someone please review my site and tell me if i have done something wrong thank you ^^

    my site is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It takes time and the repeated publication of new posts (not pages) for search engines to index your content.
    See here for verifying ownerhsip with the major search engines > webmaster tools
    See here for the 10 factors that expedite indexing of your content by search engines.
    See also:
    5 Google Webmasters Video Tutorials
    Two SEO videos for Bloggers
    Revisiting Keywords and Tags

  3. thank you even though that was a little ovrwhelming i was wondering if you change your username will that effect the search cause my old username found the site easily on searches but my new one doesn't

  4. I don't have an answer but I think we can safely assume that it will take time for the new name to be recognized and to appear as well.

  5. so i should just wait and see what happens ok i guess and thanks for the help i'll check out those sites

  6. Finding any site among the millions of web sites can be a problem no matter how it is approached - how to have your blog at the top of what might be literally millions of search results can be a struggle - as should be noted above - the more material on your blog the more likely you will find it in a search - also new sites are always a tough sell.

  7. true true i guess i was to full of myself thinking that it would be at the top i just assumed since the name is uncommon it would go straight to my site anyway thank you

  8. Google has not yet indexed your site - but your settings are to let the search engines crawl your site (good)

    Patience Grasshopper - Blog More!!

  9. haha ah yes sensei thank you very much

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