Is Structure a fixed or flexible width theme?

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    The Structure theme is tagged as a “fixed-width” theme, however I noticed that it takes the whole space of my screen when I am accessing my blog on Firefox with no space on the left or on the right (as shown on the picture of the announcement) , but it is centered on the screen with Explorer and Chrome. Does that mean that it is actually a flexible width theme or is there something I can do to have it fixed one way or another? Here is the address

    The blog I need help with is



    Yes it states “fixed width” and yes all themes can display differently on different operating systems and in different browsers. You can use this free online utility to find out how your theme displays in all browsers (cross browser compatibility)
    If that does not provide an answer to your question then please address your question to Staff >

    Also note that we require the complete and clickable URL starting with the http:// prefix for the blog in question when you post to this forum, unless you link your wordpress.COM username to your wordpress.COM blog. The latter is very easy to do. Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to ‘Account Details’. In the spot where it says ‘website’ fill in the URL starting with the http:// prefix for the blog and save the changes.

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    It’s a fixed width theme. If you try to drag your window smaller, your posting area stays the same size.
    Here is an article about Structure:
    Panos is using Garland which is a flexible width screen. If you drag the corner to make the window smaller, the posting area gets narrower.


    It is just quite wide, that is all. It is fixed width. It displays the same for me in Firefox and Safari.

    Try resetting your browser zoom level in the view menu under zoom.



    @timethief : I did put my address with http:// in my message, did you miss it? As for linking it to my username, I don’t because in most cases my interventions in the forum are not linked to the topic of my blog. Today that it was, I added it in the message.

    The link you gave works wonders, it is really fascinating what these guys are doing, and I had no idea there were that many browsers really!!! Who actually uses them?I wonder…

    Thank you very much, I now understanding what is meant by flexible and fixed width, I definitely did not before.

    Thanks for trying it out. I did reset in Firefox and that didn’t change anything, but I am fine now with the way it is, thanks to everyone’s explanations.


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    You are welcome.

    Flexible vs Fixed width is interesting because one doesn’t notice it until the difference is pointed out, and then it becomes so obvious you wonder that you did not see it before!

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    OOPS! I’m sorry I missed seeing that you had posted the URL above … DUH :(

    I’m glad you found browsershots link to be helpful. Web designers use it all the time for cross browser compatibility checking. As for the browser share break down there’s a link to the most current stats on browser usage.

    Happy blogging. :)

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