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Is Support Down??

  1. I have had some support requests relative to premium themes in for more than 3 days now with no reply. This is very unusual as they always have replied very quickly in the past.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We're still here, just a bit backed up. An unfortunate side-effect of providing free support for 20 million users.

    You might want to consider posting in the Premium Themes forum, where you'll get help from the actual developers of the theme:

  3. macmanx, thanks for the reply. I want to move my premium theme that I signed up for a couple of weeks ago from one blog to another one. The premium themes forum says support has to do that. I have two requests in to move it and and then a last one to cancel it. None have been responded to as of yet.

  4. In that case, your request is probably in my stack today, so hang in there. You should get a reply soon.

    Premium theme can't be transfered, so we'll have to refund it if it's within the 30-day period.

  5. Thanks for making it happen. I got the refund mail post already. I'll buy it for the other blog tomorrow.

  6. You're welcome!

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