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Is that possible for WordPress to have an office in China

  1. So it can serve the rapidly growing Chinese internet market and, in return, it is going to fuel the momentum of wordpress itself...

  2. With the restrictions of working in China, I don't know how plausible it would be....


  3. is it true that all WP sites are being banned in China, no exceptions? A friend of mine in Beijing said she couldn't access my blog no matter how she tried...

  4. Yes, it's true. All of is blocked in China and Turkey as well as some other places.

    There are ways round it though. Search for "china blocked" in the forum and it should turn up some threads that will give monre information.


  5. WP has not got any offices at all. Never mind in China.

  6. Um, Matt's apartment IS the office isn't it??

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