Is the default of "The blog I need help with is" a bug or deliberate?

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    In the last couple of days I’ve noticed that the ‘select the blog you need help with’ drop down box options, which previously only staff could see, have suddenly been dumping themselves in each and every forum post. If this is a bug, fair enough. If it isn’t then I, for one, am lodging a protest here on behalf of people who aren’t aware of it. What of people with only one blog who want to keep it private? What of people who don’t notice that option or the drop-down menu arrow beside it? Not everyone knows how to use these forums.

    I know how to turn it off, but not everyone else does (and I’m deliberately not turning it off so you can see it appear at the bottom of this post).

    Not only is it being dumped in new topics, but it has been retrogressively put into past posts in these forums – you only have to look at the sticky posts to see that. For instance this one:

    at the bottom of which is:
    The blog I need help with is

    I don’t really think that a member of staff would want help with his blog via a sticky post, do you?

    So – to my fellow volunteers, watch out for this – if you see ‘the blog I need help with is’ and a URL it is not necessarily the blog the person wants help with. And Staff – please, if it’s a bug fix it. If it’s not a bug, think about it more logically!

    I’m going to modlook this so that staff will eventually see it. I hope it won’t be moved to off-topic, because it definitely is on topic.

    Thoughts about this change (or bug), anyone?

    The blog I need help with is



    Only Staff and the support bot can detect the URL that bloopger enter when they post to the forums.

    This is deliberate. It’s being supplied by the software. Yay for Staff!

    Now those who fail to link their username to their blogs and/or who do not provide a URL will get support more quickly as we Volunteers don’t have to ask them:

    “Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question do we can examine it and assist you.”

    Thank you Staff.


    And what of people with a private blog who want to keep the URL private, but who don’t realise that it’s going to be posted here for all the world to see? I’m sorry, TT, normally I’d agree with you, but this time I don’t. I think it sucks. People should have the right not to publicise their blogs if they don’t want to. This way they get no choice.



    I think it’s reasonable to believe the software is now picking up the URL we enter when we first create a forum thread.
    Topic title: (be brief and descriptive)
    Select the blog you need help with (drop-down)

    Previously only Staff and the support bot could “see” the selection we made when we created a forum thread, which is why we always had to ask for the URL when answering support threads.

    I repeat Thank you Staff!

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