Is the live chat still working?

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    Hi, I would like to know whether the live chat is still working? I’ve posted something to ask on last Friday and today, but no one answered in live chat. Or it is the live chat has technical issue?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you have a plan, you’ll have access to priority Live Chat Support. If you’re not a paid subscriber yet, you can find out more about available plans for your site here.

    Chat is currently available 24/5 and during limited hours on weekends. At times when all operators are busy or unavailable, you’ll be able to get through to private email support.

    On rare occasions, Live Chat Support is also subject to closure or limited hours during our company meetings.

    See more about live chat on page.

    I’ll tag this thread for the attention of the support staff so that they can confirm if there was an issue with the live chat.


    Thanks. I guess I’ll just wait for their reply. But today morning 8 a.m. Until now 4:23 p.m still no one replied in live chat.



    Hi there,

    Looking at the transcripts from Friday it looks like you kept navigating away from the page with the chat box before someone could reply to your chat. If you do that it ends the chat again, so no one saw those chats. If an operator is unavailable the support request would go to an email ticket instead.

    Can you please try starting a new chat from this page:

    If it still won’t go through, please let me know what the problem is and we can help you here or via email instead.



    I have tried to get hold of chat all day – nothing.

    Very Very annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Absolutely shocking service – so so annoyed



    I have now gone 8 hrs with no response have emailed too – nothing. Shocking!!!!!!!


    Hi kokkieh,

    I already let the browser tab on all the time for live chat, I was just switching tab for browsing. Just now I let the chat on for around 15 minutes, but still didn’t get any reply. I’m using Google Chrome browser, this problem happened since last Friday 14th July after I asked second question. And I also already checked my mailbox, didn’t get any mail from WordPress. Hope you could help me, thank you.


    Or I cannot sign in into same account on both different computers at the same time? Because one PC I let the live chat on one tab. Then the other PC I didn’t on the live chat.


    Hi kokkieh,

    I already got reply from live chat now. Thanks :)




    Thanks for letting me know. I don’t know if having the site open on two computers would be a problem, but the chat box should follow you around on different pages in your site’s dashboard, so you shouldn’t need to use two devices at the same time to chat while working on your site.


    We’ve sent you an email asking you to describe what you need help with, and you just replied to complain about the service. We can’t help you if you don’t actually tell us the problem, so please reply to Velda’s email with the necessary information and we’ll help you there.

    As the original poster’s issue has been resolved, I’m closing this thread.

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