Is the XML file (from exporting blog) a file that contains jpgs, ,avi, etc?

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    I want to make a blog that is part baby book/part blog for my son. I plan on updating it for years and I wanted to make sure I can export my blog periodically in a format that is easily viewable on a computer without wordpress.
    I know it says I can export my blog as an XML file. If my computer were to open that file, would it contain separate files of the text I’ve written, jpgs of the photos uploaded and avi video files? I want it to be something that he’ll be able to see 18 years from now, lol. And I know we can’t predict where technology can go, but if the files remained the simplest/most common types it’d be easier for me to use.

    Thank you very much!

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    No, the export file does not have the photos.
    There is this info:

    A number of “blog-to-book” services like FastPencil and Blurb, let you import your WordPress blog and turn it into a printed book.

    There is also “print friendly” which you can google for more info.

    And finally, you can use an offline editor such as Windows Live Writer to have a copy of your blog on your computer. There is Ecto for Macs.


    Okay, thank you!!
    Looks like just using the Windows Live Writer to compose my blog posts would be the easiest way.

    Thank you so much! :-)


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    You are most welcome.

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