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Is their an OAP charge for upgrading a blog?

  1. The impression I'm getting from the take or leave it response to my question about discounts for OAP's is that you are in fact slightly ageist. Charlie Alexander.
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  2. I don't think the answer Raincoaster gave you was dismissive at all nor was it ageist.

    What do you want, exactly. The volunteers on here do not set the charges you know.

  3. Asking for a discount because of your age is ageist. You are not, after all, asking for a discount because you are on a fixed income (that would not be ageist, and would be understandable).

    As I said in that thread, you can blog for free. You can't get the fancy bells and whistles for free, generally speaking. I have gotten a couple when I was on a fixed income because friends have bought me upgrades and once WordPress itself bought me an upgrade because of all the work I have done in the forums (30,000 responses, if you're counting).

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