is there a 24 hr clock widget [html code] i can use?

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    for Unsleepable by Ben Gray – design/theme
    would really like to see a clock when on my blog!
    i don’t ware a watch so i think it would be good to see the time as a widget!
    i have a clock rack i found but that’s on my desk top



    I did a Google search and it appears they all use iframes or java script
    to get the clock current with the correct time which Iframes and JavaScript
    is not allowed here….



    oooooo i c

    thanx so much for going to all that trouble
    i wish WP would put a time stamp on each page so we can see which is the most r ecent!
    must be complicated to do or they would have done it!

    i’m being pushed to the edge by the mindboggling slowness of word press these days
    what the bleep is going on
    what do they need to speed it up
    just writng direct into this window has been a jerkey thing
    i’ve learnt to just keep typing and not not to stop and correcct many seconds later they all appears – so now i have a brilliant excuse for my spelling errors

    facinating about time and how the brain has invented it to coordinate all the 6 senses input!

    on bbc a few days ago a time scientist/expert
    heard to day that is seems that just before an earthquake the stratosphere is shifted by electromagnetic? soomething
    so they could be on to some thing
    amazing stuff also bbc radio!
    while i work at my pc radio is brilliant to listen too via my TV!




    Hi heleneodette
    There’s this website : which offers what they call “weatherstickers” that are plain html codes with time (and other info such as weather) for your town to paste in your blog. It works fine on mine. Obviously theres a catch which is that even though it looks like its moving (some are animated), the time displaying is only the time it was when your reader had clicked on the page and it remains as such until he refreshes or say clicks on another page or post but hey, I think it does the trick.
    Lets say people spend on average 5 minutes on your first page then the clock isnt lying so much… (ooops I can see you’ve got loads of posts on your first page, so you might not like the feature). I know for me its great cos my first page is a page with all my posts in a list so people have to click and then go back and forth or use the categories etc which I think makes the clock quite accurate as they have to click quite often to navigate.
    Anyway, see if you like it, heres the link for Cape town:

    I found the above link quite interesting and I like the idea as well. I will definitely try out at least one or two that I wasnt aware of before. What I find most interesting is that it appears it has been posted by somebody who found the whole concept of gathering html widget codes in one place quite annoying (at the beginning that is) and redundant with all the efforts made before. And then the link ends up being THE reference given in a forum thread… Interesting indeed… I found the way Shomoshor was treated on that thread quite apalling and I quite like the last remark at the end of the thread, something like “those who dont find it useful then just dont read and dont comment”. Quite sensible.



    I try’d the plain HTML code and the TXT widget stripes the code… =(



    Are you sure its not because the image was too big or sthg? Ive got one in mine I swear. Its been there for months! Ive got the one called “Small Weather Gizmo” towards the end of the page. And it works fine on a widget in Digg 3. Please tell me what happens with that one, I’de be curious to know if it finally worked (even if you dont intend to keep it).




    I tryed again and I can’t get the
    code to display the content….

    sorry it took so long to reply back
    I was busy with some things and
    didn’t want to for get to reply to
    anyone.. because I had 10 comments
    to reply….

    P.S I’ll try the plain HTML code soon on another theme
    and see if I get the same results and will let you
    know when I find time to get the results and have a
    answer for you… Again sorry it took me so long to
    reply back :(

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