Is there a blog host 'better' than WordPress in this specific aspect?

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    I desire to do an autobiographical blog and therefore need a blog host that permits newest Post at foot, and oldest Post at top.

    The blog I need help with is



    Word Press seems not to allow me what I desire.

    So, would you kindly tell me the name of a blog host, if any, that DOES allow me what I desire, please? Then I can set up a blog with them.

    I desire OLDEST Posts, aka chapters, at top; NEWEST Posts at foot.

    NB: I have not searched for a book-writing template. I guessed it would cost a lot of money. Or does Word Press do a free book-writing template?



    Actually, it is not a blog ( that I need help with. It is the autobiographical text, aka book. I desire to get it done before I clock out. I am already past the three-score-and-ten ideal limit.


    You can do that by following the steps found here:



    If you can stand to start with a static front page then have the users click on an “enter this site” link and/or use a custom menu tab then just set the link to

    or whatever your blog name is!

    The start page could be an index page, using the simple to use archives shortcode or the display posts shortcode if you want more control.



    Blimey! You blokes move fast! I have copied to my Desktop shortcuts of the pages your links took me to and intend now to have a bash… Thanks a million! I guess that winds up this little chat. Cheers.

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