Is there a bug in blogrolls?

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    I created a new links category and it was working fine. When i added some new links, it no longer shows up! I then deleted the category and all it’s links, then put them all back in again. Still nothing. The new category will NOT appear on the site. HELP

    The blog I need help with is



    Are these the instructions you followed?

    Did you also place the Links widget in your sidebar so the links can be displayed?


    Thanks for the response. Yes, and yes. Like I said, it WAS working until I added new links. I’ve deleted everything and started all over two times. Still nothing. I go to the links page and the links are there under the right category but the love website doesn’t show them.



    Provided there has been a Category assigned to each link you have entered on the Links page and the Links widget is in your sidebar the links ought to be displaying. I do not see a Links widget in the sidebar of the blog linked to your username. Is that the blog in question or not? > Appearance > Widgets > Links and place the Links widget in the sidebar. Click “save” and close”. If this does not result in the links in the Links widget displaying in your sidebar then you will require Staff help.


    Resolved. Thanks. I’ve experienced a couple of bugs today. On the contacts form I was trying to edit a drop down menu. I would add the extra item and save, then some lines wouldn’t show up. After 4 tries I just deleted the box and started over. Now, extra characters are showing in one of the lines. I’m afraid to change it cause I don’t want to have to start all over again!

    Just now I went back to the Links widget. It was still there but the category I was trying to display was not checked. Go figure. Does it automatically uncheck itself when you add links?

    Thanks again.



    I do not see any extra characters in your Contact form on your Contact us page. I’m using Firefox 3.6.16. No the Categories do no automatically uncheck themselves. It’s possible you experienced bugs but no one else has posted on these.

    Which browser and version of it are you using?


    Did you check the drop down menu under “Subject”. The option “I want to volunteer” has the extra characters.

    Firefox 3.6.9. Maybe we should upgrade!

    Thanks for the suggestions.



    Sorry but I do not see extra characters there. Yes, you ought to upgrade your browser version.

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