Is there a bug in the Visual Editor?

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    I noticed this morning while editing a long post that ” ” is added to every paragraph of the post which resulted to extremely large gaps between my images. To fix this, I’ve had to manually delete each and every single instance of this entry. Is this happening to others too?

    The blog I need help with is



    Grrr   is what gets inserted each time I edit a post. Very irritating


    It’s been showing up in some titles, and I’ve seen it when viewing source when helping people with formatting or CSS questions on blogs here.

    Not sure what is going on with it.


    If you have an example, send it in to staff so that they can have a look.



    It’s happening to me too. The visual editor shows everything is fine, a preview looks correct, but when I try to save the draft, line breaks are created around inserted pictures, throwing off the layout of my post. the   keeps showing up in the html editor, but not in the visual… and it’s driving me crazy too. Even when I try to go to a previous revision, the preview shows inserted extra html as well if I try to schedule or save a post.


    This thread has been tagged for staff attention and hopefully they will reply to it.


    I have a sneaky suspicion they might have updated the TinyMCE editor used here. It’s only speculation on my part, but these issues have just cropped up in the last week or so.



    Support is now aware of this problem and I’ve repeated the occurrence for them to troubleshoot through my latest post. It’s a very long one and a lot of spam codes to remove one by one. :(



    Same here.   being inserted between paras & images each time I edit and update.


    I’ve been having several issues for the past 48 hours. I’ve just updated a post and all the text ended up in the caption box of an image! It just seems to be generally doing erratic things when I’m trying to post or edit today!



    Can confirm that this is also my issue, have to go into HTML and manually delete every time I edit a post, quite annoying when you are doing score updates every fifteen minutes!!!


    Really strangely I typed the offending letters into the last post and it didn’t appear, I notice the same thing happened on andyf61’s post above.

    Will WP be aware of this?



    As long it’s a code you’re entering in the forum, you have to type it in between backticks (the character under ~ that’s often mistaken for single quotation marks) It’s the one underneath the ESC key.


    I wanted to bring this thread back to the forum pages as this bug is still there in posts and I am having to manually delete this rogue insert in HTML all the time!!! Is this happening to others?


    This is still an issue and editing posts in Visual rather than HTML is still producing these errors. Anyone else having this problem or am I all alone?



    Of course you’re not alone, I started this thread and since then @twonkbot and @andyf61 have reported the same. In fact, I created a new post last night and immediately encountered the said problem. But I discovered something I hadn’t realised earlier.

    See the latest post: where some images are captioned and rest aren’t. I noticed only images where [caption] code have been used seem to trigger the problem. I also noticed you caption your images—it’s probably not a coincidence.


    I’m seeing it even in posts without captions. I look after the backend of a friend’s blog here to keep down errors and such and I’ve had to copy a number of their posts out and do a find and replace on the nbsp and even when I’ve exercised them all, when I paste things back in some of them reappear.

    I’ve (I think) traced this back to the last wordpress core upgrade after having to go through a self-hosted blog and clean it up. This all started happening right about the time I did the last update on that blog. I checked a few other blogs where I take care of the backend, and they too have this issue.



    I am rather disappointed that WordPress aren’t giving any indication on when this will be fixed. There are more reports of it causing trouble to users.



    I am rather disappointed that WordPress aren’t giving any indication on when this will be fixed. There are more reports of it causing trouble to users.

    We need to figure out what’s wrong before we can tell you about fixing it.



    This issue only affects captioned images, but it is cross-browser. We’ve filed a ticket with the core WordPress project to get it fixed:

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