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Is there a bug in the Visual Editor?

  1. I actually went to moxiecode's site (the makers of TinyMCE editor) and all the issues I've seen with the editor (haven't messed with the caption issue) are all in the base version of the editor. The issues that are of concern to me are in the copy/pasting of Word documents using the paste from Word icon. I have a couple blogs I help people with here, and several self-hosted blogs (authors) where they copy and paste from Word and this latest version of TinyMCE really mucks it up. (According to Lloydbud wordpress.COM switched to the latest version about a week ago.)

  2. Yes, we switched to the most recent version (as did the currently development version of WordPress itself) about that long ago because the previous version was broken under IE9.

    We're aware of the "paste from" buttons not working properly and are doing what we can to help solve those issues from here.

  3. Thanks markel, I'm right now working on some code changes to the self-hosted TinyMCE version to try and fix it.

  4. This happens to me all the time, and even though I can to HTML and manually delete the " " that is for some reason inserted between each image and paragraph of text, it almost always comes back when I save the post again. It is extremely annoying and unnecessarily time consuming, especially on long posts with lots of images. Can WordPress not fix this?!

  5. This is a bug in the open-source WordPress software (actually a problem with the editor used within WordPress). We have submitted a bug report on it; it just hasn't been fixed yet.

  6. thesacredpath, you've helped me a dozen times before and I'm glad you are "on this issue."

    Not to beat a dead horse, but this issue has also been happening to me whenever I insert a picture. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason. I've even noticed that when I go into the visual editor of previous post that were spaced fine, and then simply press "update" (with no changes save a word or two being made) and the pictures will have the   above and below.

    I've been able to fix it temporarily by going into the "html" editor (which, if possible would be magnificent if we could enlarge to full screen) and manually deleting these   statements.

    If it makes any difference, I am using Firefox v3.6.10 (which has been EXTREMELY buggy lately with other websites including Facebook, hanging and not responding).

    Thanks for your help thus far, Markel, as a programmer and someone whose worked trouble tickets a number of years, I know how frustrating these things can be.

    For what its worth, my blog is: although I believe I've (hopefully) corrected all of the issues.

  7. Hey, all.

    We just pushed a change that should solve this for you - please let us know if you are experiencing further problems with the non-breaking space thing.

  8. @markel, thanks for the update. Does this address the "paste from Word" issues as well?

  9. @markel, The bug is still there.
    The visual editor inserts empty paragraphs all the times when I change the editing modes.

    And I have no pictures in these posts or drafts.

    I am using Opera and Firefox (the latest versions).

  10. Does this address the "paste from Word" issues as well?

    Can you give me a specific example of something it's messing up? I've tested with a bunch of stuff, but haven't been able to get anything else to get messed up.

    I don't have Word, though (I use Pages and export when testing), so it's possible I'm not able to hit on it.

    The visual editor inserts empty paragraphs all the times when I change the editing modes.

    Are you using any kind of styling I should know about? I need specifics in order to be able to reproduce the behavior and deliver a good report for fixing.

  11. susansternberg

    Count me as one of those who is tired of the visual editor bug! I must spend 10-15 minutes every day taking those darned extra spaces ( ) out of my blog. I take them out, and they return on their own. Very frustrating! I use Safari and type my posts directly in WordPress. The spaces happen around my photos.

    My blog is: Thanks for the help!

  12. I'm having similar problems where, I embed soundcloud code into HTML, go into visual and the player is there, pop back into HTML or publish and the embed code has shortened making the track invisible to crawl bots from music aggregators and leaving that wonderful &nbsp at the end of the post.

    Meaning although the soundcloud player is visible to play on my blog, the track isn't getting picked up elsewhere. My blog is on Hype Machine, Shuffler FM and El.Bows, but without this problem being resolved, all new posts with soundcloud tracks are invisible to these music aggregators :(

  13. Are you using any kind of styling I should know about?

    I am using "letras capitales" or initials.

    Some screenhots:
    a) the text in the draft, with the

    b) after "correction":

    c) after switching editors:

    d) after switching editors (again):

    voilĂ : the   returns! :-(

  14. OK, checked and it's still happening with HR tags.

    Thanks for the code screens.

    I'll keep working with it to find test cases.

  15. @markel, I put up a "paste from Word" post on my test blog (your name in the title).

    What I did:

    1. copied the stuff from Word
    2. clicked on "paste from Word and pasted it in
    3. tons of extra blank lines between paragraphs
    4. switched from Visual to HTML and back and the extra lines appear to be gone
    5. switch back to HTML view and what you will find is that randomly, after paragraphs that were in italics (< em >) you will find em starting and ending tags with a nbsp in between them.
    6. if you look at what is published on the blog, those em tags with the nbsp in between do not show up, but they are there in the HTML and to keep things clean I have to go in and edit all of them out.

    As I said, this happens on both and with self-hosted blogs.

    Go into the editor on that post and switch to the HTML tab and take a look.

  16. susansternberg

    Thanks so much for fixing the visual editor bug! I had no problems with my blog spacing today. Much appreciated!!

  17. Problem fixed for me. Thanks! (Enterprise Theme, Firefox 3.6.11)

  18. It's not Firefox that was causing this; it's cross-browser.

    We're doing everything we can to get it fixed up for you.

  19. I was refer to this thread becaus i have problem keeping space between line and paragraph

    Thing was looking good, i made some change in the HTML part section and save.

    Preview was looking good.

    I return to the visual section, i simply recenter one line.

    i save from the vidual editor

    When i preview again, a bunch of <div> </div> just repear in the HTML section causing all my text to collapse,

  20. I've been having this   extra space problem for a couple of weeks. It's definitely NOT fixed and is very annoying. I hope you guys sort it out soon. It happens whether I'm using Firefox, Chrome or IE. I have to keep going back in and deleting in HTML view. Thanks in advance!

  21. Last I heard was that WP was working on a temporary fix for some of the issues, but ultimately they are at the mercy of the makers of the TinyMCE editor. They are the ones that will have to make the real fixes and they seem slow getting the job done as near as I can tell.

  22. I have real hard time editing my blog article, this time the paste feature didn't work

    I have try editing using IE9

    Will try with chrome, it seem to behave a little bit better

    I'm still pleague with the DIV

  23. Don't use IE9 for anything other than playing around with. It is BETA (as in not finished and still buggy). Never use a beta browser for any sort of productive activity such as blog posting/editing.

  24. thesacredpath

    Yes i'am aware of, this is why i have more browser IE8 Chrome, FireFox and Flock on a seperate machine.

    But the DIV problem is still there

  25. Any development for this?

    I still have DIV showing up in the post i edit....

  26. The bug was fixed. Thanks! :-)

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