Is there a calendar tool or funciton (apart from tracking posts?)

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    I am looking to add a calendar to my site, that will tell my readers when upcoming events are. Does anyone know if wordpress offers one, or if there is some other way to do this?




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    Oops, sorry! I’m still new at this. It is a blog. It can be found here:

    I want to have a calendar function so I can post local rides, events, etc.


    WordPress.ORG blogs are supported at .


    thesacredpath, I wanted to say thanks for the help you gave me on my last question, thanks, it was spot on. Is there a way to track my questions so I can mark them resolved?


    Either click on your username at the top of the forum (after “Welcome!) or on “member underneath your username in an individual thread.


    TrainingNotes —

    I agree with you. I have been BEGGING the worpress.COM folks for a useful “upcoming events calendar” plug-in or widget or page or ANYthing pretty much since I started using wordpress…. I’m constantly told “it is something we’re looking at.”

    …this is odd because wordpress.ORG have several different options to chose from… but they can’t come up with one for ‘.com’ users?

    I’m guessing that there just aren’t enough people ASKing for it…. so I plan to keep pressing…


    The plugins at .ORG will not work here. For them to be made available to use here, they have to be modified and checked for security issues, and so that they will work on the different version of wordpress used here. It isn’t just a matter of uploading it and making it available.


    I should mention that I think an event widget would be a useful thing for many people. The above was just to let people know adding it is not something that can happen instantaneously.



    I don’t know of this will suit your purpose or not but there us a RSS workaround for the Google Calendar

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