Is there a difference between dashboard stats and CSV-loaded stats?

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    There seems to be a difference between stats in the dashboard, and custom retrieved stats. Especially on fairly new posts, it seems that retrieving statistices can get a bit off.

    If I look in the dashboard the stats seem more accurate, and new posts appear fairly soon in the list of all posts.
    Then when I try to use this data in the website, using the stats_get_csv function, other data is presented.

    Further investigation leads to the conclusion that data in the dashboard is loaded via
    Data received via the stats_get_csv-function loads data through….

    This leads to differences between post-counts my vistors see (less), and data shown in the dashboard (more accurate?).

    Are my assumptions correct, and if so, how can this difference be explained (to my customer)?
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    The blog I need help with is



    When querying for stats, a limit parameter can be added to the query to be able to return more results.

    Could you try adding this parameter to your query?

    You can find more details about it here:



    thanks jeherve, but I wasn’t clear what my problem is aparently.
    The issue is not the amout of returned data, but the view-count per post.

    For example, the data in the dashbord shows:
    post-id=2196, number of views: 139x
    post-id=2176, number of views: 26x

    The data from the csv shows
    stats_get_csv('postviews', '&days=-1&limit=-1&summarize')
    post-id=2196, number of views: 107x
    post-id=2176, number of views: 16x

    Hope this makes my problem more clear.



    Are the numbers that you’re getting from the csv output still increasing, just at a slower rate?



    yep, still increasing. Hard to say when and how much, but they certainly increase.
    Is there a delay between the processing of the CSV outputted data and the dashboard?



    Yes, there usually is a delay, as the CSV output is meant to be more as summarized collected data and not real-time.



    hmm, don’t like the sound of that.

    What is a good alternative to display views of a post on the website? Should I use another stats-plugin? Anyone know one that is compatible with caching (e.g. based on JS)?



    Have you considered adding a plugin with a simple counter?

    I don’t know of any specific ones myself, but I know there are a few out there. The kind folks at should have some good recommendations.

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